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Black Iris Corsets

 superior quality corsets are based on an authentic Victorian pattern circa 1880Looking for a corset that will stand up to heavy wear and be beautiful?

These amazing corsets not only are strong, but they are beautiful! A wide range of fabrics from simple cotton to the most stunning satin and silk brocades give you corsets for every day of the week if you want! Both over the bust and under the bust (waist cincher) styles are available as well as standard length or a longer torso cut to fit every body type.

These steel boned corsets are what you need for heavy wear or body modification to give you that hourglass figure. The spiral steel stays support your perfectly and the 3 layers of laminated fabric will not pull or shred when pulled tight. These superior quality corsets are based on an authentic Victorian pattern circa 1880. They start with two layers of the finest quality cotton twill for superior strength, and end with a fashionable decorative layer of quality fabric.

As well as the spiral steel stays, these corsets also have a steel busk and flat steel bars, all of which ensure stability, comfort, and strength. These corsets are so strong, they can be used for long-term wear and body modification. (You should always break in a new corset wearing it just snug at first and then progressively tighter over several wearings to allow it to mold to your body). Sizes are in inches - for best size, measure your natural waist and subtract 3-4 inches.

Black Iris Corsets have a Lifetime Guarantee

As the preferred corsets for tight-lacing and fashion, these corsets are built to last. Each corset has a Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. While normal wear and tear is expected over time (especially to the outer fabric), your steel boned corset is designed to operate free of defects for years to come. It is an investment in fashion that will keep giving you beautiful curves for years.

Whether you want a corset for a special evening, or wedding day, underwear or outwear, or full body modification, a Black Iris corset is the perfect combination of style and sturdy function.

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